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By selecting Vega wireless microphones, you are in the company of audio professionals worldwide.  Leadership for over 30 years has made "Vega" synonymous with wireless microphones.  Vega equipment provides superb sound quality, outstanding performance, and the durability needed for years of successful operation.

SHOWORKS is your premier source for VEGA Wireless Microphones.  Contact us to fill your specific needs.

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VEGA U2020 UHF Wireless
Microphone System

Since 1960, when they developed and sold the very first wireless microphone systems, Vega Wireless has pioneered most of the major advances in wireless microphone technology.  Vega developed many of the so-called "standard features" in the industry.

Along the way, Vega wireless systems gained the reputation as the most reliable wireless microphones available, with the cleanest, most transparent audio quality.  Vega wireless systems are the only systems that meet the requirements of multi-system performance without interference in the critical environment of a broadcast studio.

When  you see a wireless microphone on a television awards show, a movie, or a TV program, it is almost always a Vega wireless.  Vega is the wireless system that broadcast engineers, directors, and producers choose - when you only have one chance to get it right.

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Vega U2020 UHF Wireless Microphone System

Vega U2020 UHF Specifications

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